So we’re hanging out this Friday as a way to just talk things out face to face once and for all and have closure.

I would have died a little inside had he told me his feelings had changed, but they hadn’t. It’s a logical step, really, one thing I’ve always admired in him is his appreciation for logic, just as me, as well as his dedication to his craft. Somehow I always knew that would be the end of us: our focus on work and our knowledge that this relationship was simply not sustainable.

I can live with that. So long as he still feels like I do. And over this last week it’s become easier to not think about him or miss him so much, although I’m afraid of how I may feel after we see each other. I hope I don’t feel like shit.

So those were a rough few days, but I’m finally getting out of my stupid sad-anxious-I-miss-the-fuck-out-of-him funk.

Been talking to a couple of promising suitors. And I’ve been intentionally hanging out by myself a lot of the time, listening to music, writing, gathering my thoughts.  Taking another week from work. I need the time.